Hazel Meyer, Knitdown s.v.p.

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Over the past year, Leisure Projects has been pleased to support Hazel Meyer’s book endeavor, Knitdown S.V.P. We look forward to celebrating the completion of this project with Hazel on Sunday, April 1st at La Cornetteria.

Knitdown s.v.p. is an art book /auxiliary industry manual consisting of drawings on sticky notes produced over the four years Hazel Meyer worked as a fabric designer at a circular-knit mill in Montréal. The term knitdown s.v.p. is textile industry jargon for “a sample of a few meters please”, and was a phrase written countless times by Hazel Meyer as she exchanged hundreds of these notes with the knitters that worked in the conjoining mill. Knitdown s.v.p is a collection of 197 of these drawn requests that were stealthily collected and saved by her co-worker, Ann Smith, and presented to Hazel upon her resignation.

The Knitdown s.v.p drawings combine the overt function of a message between coworkers with the flirtatious enjoyment of drawing. They are a bridge between the redundancy of textile manufacturing protocol and an individual’s artistic impulse, connecting art and industry while existing on the peripheries of both.

Knitdown s.v.p. is a 210 page full-colour, perfect-bound book with texts by Ann Smith, and Hazel Meyer. The launch will also include the sale of handmade objects inspired by the drawings in Knitdown s.v.p.

Hazel Meyer is a practicing artist, aspiring athlete and accomplished eater residing in Montréal. Having graduated with a BFA from Concordia University, she spent the next four years working as a fabric designer. With the timely appearance of a CALQ grant Hazel left the textile industry to pursue the audio-athletic skipping project Smooche de la Rooche, random wanderings with Deer Heads and an official appointment to the Hound’s tooth, forsooth! fabricLAB.

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