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Landscape with Swan

(Added 10 April 2005)

April 4th – 16th
Nota Bene Gallery: 2416 Parc, Montreal, QC
Gallery hours: Monday to friday 10 –6, Saturday 10-5

Landscape with Swan features sweet and moody paintings by Susannah Wesley and a carnation covered swan by Meredith Carruthers, the exhibition explores our fascination with collaborative exhibitions and continued interest in glamour and treachery.

Meredith Carruthers is an artist living in Montreal. In 2004 Meredith completed her MFA at Concordia University, where her studies included the exchange program to The Glasgow School of Art. Her recent projects include: a paper iceberg performance in the Scottish highlands, a Boatdress journey on Montreal’s famed Décarie expressway, and a series of stop motion animations constructed in the intimacy of her apartment. Meredith has participated in exhibitions in Montreal, Vancouver and New York.

Susannah Wesley is a practicing artist living in Montreal. Prior to this Susannah resided in Glasgow UK where she completed her MFA at the Glasgow School of Art in 2002. Currently she is working on a painting series dealing with the banality of climate and emotion, as well as a collaborative project on the life and music of Ian and Sylvia Tyson. She has participated in exhibitions in Glasgow, London, Leeds, Paris and Montreal.

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