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The Hunt Ball

(Added 11 May 2006)

Erica Eyres, The Discriminating Gentlemen’s Club, jake moore

Vernissage: May 24th
Exhibition: May 24 – September 2, 2006
Pause estivale: July 15 – August 21, 2006
Galerie Yergeau, 2060 Joly, Montreal.

Featuring the work of artists Erica Eyres, The Discriminating Gentlemen’s Club, and jake moore, The Hunt Ball exhibition captures the complex and lavish celebration of beauty and violence played out in the annual Montreal Hunt Ball held at the Ritz Carleton throughout the 1950s. This combination of elaborate festive décor (which included papier-maché polka-dotted horses, flowered garlands, flags and animal ice sculptures) together with the macabre and slightly dusty aspects of hunt display (including hunt paintings, gun collections and taxidermy animal trophies) provides a rich site for ruminations on the aesthetics and objectification of both violence and pleasure through leisure activity and sport.

The Hunt Ball is part of Leisure Projects ongoing exploration and fascination with the social history and glamour of the city of Montreal.

A recent graduate of the Glasgow School of Art Masters program, Erica Eyres is fascinated by the absurd and how we, as humans, react when faced with situations which generate conflicting emotions. Her recent solo exhibitions include: It’s for the Best, Dwarf Gallery, Reykjavik, ‘neath the green green grass of home, Mary Mary, Glasgow and hang in there feral kitty, Glasgow Project Room, Glasgow. Her work has been featured in film festivals and screenings across Canada and Europe.

Formed in 2006, The Discriminating Gentlemen’s Club / Le Club des Gentilhommes Avertis (DGC~CGA) is an artist collective interested in performance, costumed outings and event based art projects. Their recent projects include: Délices de l’île Maurice (a fancy dress feast in Verdun) and the Memorial Fox hunt (a performance for video fox hunt outing, filled with thrilling tales of pursuit across inhospitable terrains). DGC~CGA members have recently returned from Melbourne, Australia where their work was featured as part of the Next Wave Festival.

Montreal based artist jake moore works with large-scale installation and immersive environments, exhibiting at The Walter Phillips Gallery, The Canadian Museum for Textiles, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Ace Art Inc, and numerous site-specific locations. A recipient of many awards and scholarships from the Canada Council to SSHRC, moore’s practice continues to maintain a DIY aesthetic focusing on the amplification of voices not easily heard and the reinvestigation of mythologies and hegemonics.

Images:(clockwise from the left) archival imagery of the Montreal Huntclub thanks to the McCord Museum; Plaster Ruth (detail) jake moore; Fox Discriminating Gentleman’s Club: Dog series, Erica Eyres

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