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Leisure Office Hours

(Added 16 August 2008)

Lou Grant’s desk from the set of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, 1970 to 1977 (Collection of the Kansas State Historical Society)

Leisure Office Hours
With the collaboration of Zoë Chan and Mark Clintberg
Knock on Woods International Residency and Dwelling for Intervals

Friday September 5th, 15-18h
262 Fairmount ouest
Montreal, QC

Leisure Projects was invented as a respite from the day-to-day routine of cultural work. Over the past four years Leisure Projects has embraced a fluid working process that exists outside of the prescribed boundaries of the workday, combining work and pleasure, labour and leisure, play and productivity. The resulting content has explored various sites for discussion, research, imagining and presenting projects. Within the para-site context of the Knock on Woods residency we proposed Leisure Office Hours, a durational project of structured leisure-time/ leisurely work-time.

Office hours involve being present for work in a fixed location for a set and known duration. These set hours encourage communication and work flow between internal members of an organisation and external participants in projects or services. With the Leisure Office Hours experiment we ask ourselves if there might be something we are missing by eschewing a work routine. Could the formalized act of being present change the way our ideas are generated and elaborated? What kind of unexpected communications might occur during Leisure Office Hours?

Yvette Poorter’s, Knock on Woods International Residency and Dwelling for Intervals is a constructed space that dedicates itself to offering local and international artists a sense of rootedness and respite from a hectic and bewildering globalism. The residency is a para-site that consists of a rustic tent-cabin and a forest of tree-flags that can be and has been situated almost anywhere.

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