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Leisure R & D Residency

(Added 16 June 2006)

Jesse Ash or Simon Clark, Haliburton Lake, 2006

Leisure Research and Development Residency

As the first recipients of the Leisure Research and Development Residency, Jesse Ash and Simon Clark spent four days in Ontario cottage country, pursuing their interest in cultural landscape research while engaging in conversation, leisure sport and festive decoration.

In a recent Articule Special Project Ash & Clark performed Broadcast at le Local. Through a rigourous process of research and field tripping, the artists gathered impressions of Montreal in an archive of writing, images and ingenious flow charts. Inspired by some of the first printed newspapers in Britain, known as “chapbooks”, which contained song-sheets, rhymes and stories, Broadcast explored the mechanisms of information selection and distribution in the media.

Sad, Sad Songs of Wretchedness and Death.
Simon Clark & invited guests
songs and short stories

Saturday 17th June
5217 St Laurent
Doors 8pm (early show)

British artist Simon Clark combines ambient settings, writing and instrumentation in multidisciplinary performances. With lyrics such as, ” And remember as you walk through life it only leads to death, You might take a slow meander or a brisk and striding stroll”, Clark playfully deconstructs motifs from traditional folk music and sad, sad, songs in contemporary popular culture. Hovering between a musician’s stage show and the projected fantasy of a white-walled art gallery, Simon catches the disengaged viewer off-guard, illiciting both curiosity and enjoyment.

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