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Making It Work

(Added 10 April 2009)

May 5 to June 13 2009
BGL, CRUM, DGC~CGA, Knowles Eddy Knowles, Leisure Projects, PME-Art
Curator: Susannah Wesley

Organized by the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery
Université Concordia University
1400, boul. de Maisonneuve ouest, Montréal
(514) 848-2424, ext. 4778

Opening: Saturday May 2 4–6 pm

The exhibition Making It Work explores the process of collective art practice. How do collectives work? How are collective imaginaries formed and developed? How does the process vary from one collective to another? How does shared authorship affect what is achieved as the end result? Collaboration is the site where art making is actively complicated, where discussion, cooperation and argument coalesce to shape something new. The process is fascinating, rich and essential to the collective being.

To better represent this reality, the main focus of Making It Work will be the creative process, thus turning the regular exhibition premise inside out. By exploring the work methods of local collectives this exhibition will raise many issues inherent to such practices: the diversity of creative process, the nature and progression of internal relationships, the role collective practice plays and the opportunity it provides within the contemporary art world and society in general, and whether or not collective practice alters in relation to these changing communities.

photo: Leisure Projects, Folie à deux, video still, 55 mins, 2009

Making It Work, is presented in tandem with THE WRONG CORPSE
Olivier Choinière
Julie Favreau
Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf

Curator: Robin Simpson with the collaboration of Maryse Larivière
Produced by the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery

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