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Will this boat take us there?

(Added 17 February 2005)

Thursday February 17th 2005 7pm
Nautical Bar, Ritz Carleton Hotel, Montreal
Dvd publishing project and launch event

Will this Boat Take Us There? Find out for yourself….

The glamour of book arts techniques and the elegance of new technologies come together in a limited edition handbound book and dvd project created by Meredith Carruthers. Combining the traditions of new media & video art with the fabulous tangibility of traditional print ephemera, this project flirts with the materiality of desire.

Based around her solo exhibition Will this Boat Take Us There? (Bourget Gallery, March 2004); this project presents digitally transferred 16mm film loops of animated paper sculpture flickering through portholes, casting atmospheres drenched in murky greens and geranium reds. A landscape of fake nature and the ephemeral trapped in an image-terrarium.

United together on DVD and wrapped up in a delicious binding of silk and Japanese paper, this limited edition includes an illustrated booklet by the artist with a new text by Luigi Discenza.

Extending the glamour and theme of this project, the dvd launch will take place Thursday February 17th in the long forgotten nautical lounge at The Hotel Ritz-Carlton, 1228 Sherbrooke Street West.

The artist wishes to thank: Black Sheep Design, CIAM/Hexagram, The Concordia Print Media Department, The Leisure Gallery, Luigi Discenza, The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, La Tranchefile, Thesis advisor: Annie Martin

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