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(Added 30 December 2005)

Palace, capitol, Loews, Strand, Montreal c. 1950
Andre Morency

Montreal parties- Reading Montreal
November-December, 2006

In November/December of 2005 Leisure Projects was invited to guest edit two, one week sections of the online journal: Reading Montreal (

Part of the Reading Cities project (published by Robert Ouellette), Reading Montreal (edited by Rebecca Duclos, David Ross & Alexandra McIntosh) “looks at the city through the eyes of many of its most creative artists and arts institutions”. By collecting stories, experiences, and ideas about Montreal the site encourages alternate and pluralist experiences of the city.

As part of our ongoing preoccupation with Canadian glamour we based our research on the giddy theme of pre-1975 Montreal celebrations. (Essentially compiling a top ten list of the best Montreal parties we had not been invited to.) Our list included Montreal milestones such as, the glorious expo 67 (Montreal’s longest party), the annual Montreal hunt ball held at the Ritz Carleton in the 1950’s (our favourite huntball images featured life-sized papier maché horses) and allegorical floats of 1930’s St. Jean Baptiste celebrations.

Read more about the Montreal parties series and other Lesiure research, in the “Leisure Letters” section of the website.

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