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Pre-Leisure: Thanksgiving

(Added 15 November 2002)

Canadian Thanksgiving event, October 2002
photo: Susannah Wesley

Both adrift in Glasgow Scotland, Meredith Carruthers and Susannah Wesley teamed up for what must be understood as their first experiment in Leisure. Considered in hindsight, the Canadian Thanksgiving event features now trademark Leisure qualities. A playful re-creation of a Canadian tradition, the event inspired convivial conversation and international awareness of Canadian festivities.

As both catalyst and host of the event, Susannah treated participants to traditional Thanksgiving recipes, many including difficult to procure Canadian ingredients. For many event participants this would be a first and only experience with the unfathomable delights of the Wesley Ambrosia Salad. Meredith high-jacked production equipment from the SHOP exhibition at CCA Glasgow to provide guests with pink and orange crepe paper turkey hats. Although not a real Canadian tradition, these hats added an extra air of distinction to dinner and were worn beyond the event as tired party goers paraded home in the night.

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