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Storming the Ice Palace

(Added 15 December 2006)

Leisure Projects invite you to
Storming the Ice Palace

December 31, 2006 5pm – 7pm
Articule, 262 Fairmont O, Montréal

Appearing like a mirage from a winter fairytale, the Ice Palace stood as the glittering centerpiece of Montreal Winter Carnivals in the Victorian era. Constructed from blocks of ice cut from the St. Lawrence River and lit by electric lamps each evening, the Palace mixed a feat of winter engineering with pure and indulgent fancy. However each year, after having provided Montrealers with a week of carnival pleasure, the Ice Palace was demolished, “stormed” by snowshoers carrying torches and fireworks.

One can only imagine the fury and beauty of this towering structure and the drama of its yearly demise

In an attempt to capture some of this by-gone atmosphere and propose the possibility of its return, Leisure Projects presents Storming the Ice Palace, a glittering New Years Eve pre-event featuring all things cold and sparkling. Be prepared to sip champagne, witness the Leisure Projects’ newly constructed Ice Palace, and enjoy the flickering NFB projection Ice Carnival Montreal 1885 – Storming the Ice Palace, as it evokes the conflicting aesthetic spirit of the legendary Montreal Ice Palaces.

Special thanks to Articule Special Projects for funding and supporting this event.

Images: (clockwise from the left) Exhibition window at Articule; Archival imagery of Montreal ice palaces; Ice palace pinata (detail); partial installation view

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