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(Added 20 July 2007)

Ice Grotto (detail), Leisure Projects, 2007

July 27, 2007
4810 Papineau, Montreal

Leisure Projects has recently returned from a few months spent indulging in one of Canada’s most pre-eminent leisure hotspots – Banff National Park and resort. While in Banff, Leisure Projects explored popular past imaginaries of Banff society and wilderness by researching the social history, glamour and fantasy of Banff National Park from a decidedly female perspective. By re-activating and experiencing activities performed in the landscape, Leisure Projects sought to create a personal form of time travel, brushing up against a Romantic history of the Rockies that now only exists in the form of nostalgia.

With an ambiance reminiscent of magic lantern slide shows, Leisure Projects will share their recent work and experiences in an evening exhibition/event at the Back Gallery.

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First and foremost, the back gallery is a concept. It is an attempt to offer and develop concepts, theories and practices for alternative artist spaces. It is a community initiative driven to bring artists together to discuss what is most important to us, that being the creative act and all of the different ways it can be realized.

Rather than aligning the space to a certain kind of art, or artistic practice, the space looks to be illustrative of the divergences and varieties of art being created in the now, or in the contemporary existence we all share in the act of being in time. —Mike Rattray

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