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Time To Start Over

(Added 29 March 2013)

Image: Glow of the Going, Glow of the Gone (2013), Leisure

Time To Start Over
Artists: Leisure Lauren Hall Jennifer Rose Sciarrino
Curated by Penelope Smart
April 4 – Apr 21, 2013

Katharine Mulherin
1082 + 1086 Queen Street West, Toronto
Closing reception: Thursday April 18, 6-9pm

…the moon gazed on my midnight labours, while, with unrelaxed and breathless eagerness, I pursued nature to her hiding places.- Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, 1818

NO FOUNDATION is pleased to present Time To Start Over, a group exhibition of recent works by artists Lauren Hall, Jennifer Rose Sciarrino and Leisure (Meredith Carruthers _ Susannah Wesley). Each of these works acts as an emblem of a new age. Scientists suggest that we are entering a geological epoch, termed “the Anthropocene,” in which the natural world bears the unmistakable mark of the human hand. At the advent of this new history, works of sculpture, mixed-media assemblage and video befall the question of a human-made “nature” through history, fantasy, simulation and speculation.

Beginning at the implausible moment of “now,” Time To Start Over implicates each of these works as an imminent finding from the evolving surface layer of history.

In the mix-media assemblage A thing wherein we feel there is some hidden want (2013), Glasgow-based artist Lauren Hall presents a miniature shoreline of dyed salt, beads, shells, soap, and a SAD lamp upon a glass dish. Drawing the work’s title from poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, Hall endears nature to trash and kitsch.

Mineral Specimen 12 (2011) by Toronto-based artist Jennifer Rose Sciarrino possesses present-day concerns of mimicry, material and surface. Sciarrino’s plastic geological mineral is a crystal carcass of an earthly treasure. The object’s artificiality challenges the beholder to deem it precious.

Glow of the Going, Glow of the Gone (2013) is a stop-motion animation video by Montreal-based duo Leisure (Meredith Carruthers _ Susannah Wesley). On a screen, the shadowy imprint of a hand moves over a plush, grey surface. Set beside a small clipping of a fur-lined, early Modernist bedroom, the video’s domestic interior engenders a surreal lunar exterior. Trapped in its own world, what does the human hand desire?

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