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Dawn machine: Confetti System

(Added 28 August 2010)

Image: gold – homepage from Confetti System online

With his Dawn Machine (1668?), Gianlorenzo Bernini created the impression of a dazzling sunrise as part of a theatrical event (Read more about Leisure performance: Bernini’s Spectacles here).

In a contemporary series of ephemeral installations; glittering walls, tasseled garlands and shining piñatas, the Brooklyn based duo, Confetti System seems to be channelling Bernini’s shimmering radiance. Creating exhibitions, sets, as well as a line of accessories and festive objects, Confetti System, “transforms simple materials such as tissue paper, cardboard, and silk into interactive objects that create a point of focus, where memories are made and a spontaneous collaboration with the viewer is sparked.”

CONFETTISYSTEM is Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho, a duo working as artists, stylists, and designers. A friendship born from their shared love of communal celebration and craft-making has brought them together to create a new system.

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