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(Added 27 January 2007)

Niagara Falls Frederic Edwin Church, 1856

In 1826, Thomas Barnett established the “Thomas Barnett Museum” (presently the Niagara Falls Museum) at the Table Rock.

Niagara Falls MUSEUM Near Table Rock.
Excerpt Thomas Barnett, promotional material, Niagara Chronicle, date unknown (1827-77)

The proprietor, most grateful for the liberal support he has received from the Ladies and Gentleman visiting the Falls, begs leave most respectfully to announce to them that his collection has undergone an entire alteration this Spring, and a numerous variety of fresh specimens have been added to the rooms, the arrangement of which gives the highest satisfaction to the most learned from all parts of the world. The GALLERIES are classically arranged with the rarest and finest specimens the Country can produce.

The collection contains AN ENTIRE FOREST SCENERY, Arranged with such taste as to display the nature of every object ; exhibiting most of the native Birds and Animals, with their nest and young ones ; and showing the voracity of others when seizing their prey. In this splendid collection of natural and artificial curiosities will be found upwards of five thousand interesting specimens, principally collected in this vicinity ; and it must be gratifying to visitors to become acquainted with the Birds, Quadrepeds, rRepitles, Fish from Lakes Ontario and Erie, Lake Shells, Insects, Plants, minerals, Indian Curiosities, & c. that are found in this part of America, including the finest specimens of the Bald Eagle, with all the Falcon order, an extensive variety of rare and beautiful specimens of the Duck a§nd Diver tribe, a great Family of Owls, and a vast variety of other species of rare and fine-plumage birds.

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