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Montreal parties: Corona Theatre

(Added 11 May 2006)

Corona Theatre interior, 1987
Paintings on the fire curtain probably date from the Corona’s construction in 1912
(Montreal Movie Palaces, 1993)

Corona Theatre
2490 Notre Dame West

“Only in the mid-1980’s was the Corona rediscovered. The Montreal artist Janet Mckinnon spearheaded a Commission pour la restauaration du Théatre Corona, and a group of theatrically minded young women called Les Petites Filles aux Allumettes (headed by the artists Martha Flemming and Lyne Lapointe) borrowed the theatre from the city in the summer of 1987, cleaned it up, mounted “a hybrid of visual and theatre arts”. And threw open the Corona’s doors, if only briefly, for the first time in twenty years.” Dane Larken, Montreal Movie Palaces, 1993.

The building’s architects were the firm of Dufort and Décary. Both of the principals studied architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Tecnology, though neither seems to have taken a degree. They formed a short-lived partnership in Montreal around 1912. (In addition to running his own office, Décary exhibited his watercolours and was “enthusiastic over motor boating”. Montreal old and New )


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