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Perruque 3: Good Night Veronica

(Added 1 February 2009)

Images: Good Night Veronica, Denise and Alain Trez, Viking Press, New York, 1968 (Translation, Douglas McKee)

In the bedtime reading classic Good Night Veronica, Veronica and her charming dog Citron are longing for a cool breath of air on a hot summer night when their beds are surprisingly relocated to a breezy treetop. This pleasant existence is interrupted when the tree shakes them to the ground and runs off into the distance. In their search to regain their treetop paradise, Veronica & Citron persevere through rainstorms and fish swarms, unraveling clouds and alphabet flora. At a pivotal moment in this journey, Veronica’s hair mysteriously grows to elaborate lengths, functioning first as a glider, then parachute, then country lane.

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