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Perruque 6: Homer's 'systematic soldiering'

(Added 11 April 2009)

In the spirit of collaboration Perruque 6 is a contribution from Knowles Eddy Knowles.

Knowles Eddy Knowles are in search of the ultimate object: A homer (the word translated from the french Perruque, to mean, something produced on company time with company materials, usually destined for domestic use) from a wig factory.
In his critique of the everyday, Lefebvre sought not simply “entertainment” or “relaxation” but the articulation of different forms of knowledge, knowledge that could aid in the potential and/or intermittent process of “dis-alienation.” It is not in leisure as such where a critique of capitalism is to be found. Rather, a critique may emerge in those moments when the relations between elements of the everyday are made evident or challenged. Duchamp’s presentation and arrangement of the readymades exhibit a desire to foil the functionality of these objects, whose usefulness resides in their ability to aid domestic and maintenance labor. Yet in foiling work, the readymades do not offer leisure as work’s simple antithesis (nor do they offer art as pure leisure). Instead, their placement in the home/studio tangles the categories of both work and leisure. This presentation of nonwork and leisure has a social and historical context larger than Duchamp’s studio, for Duchamp’s refusal of work (both maintenance and traditional means of artistic labor) happened alongside one of the most profound shifts in twentieth-century conceptions of work: Taylorism. – Helen Molesworth, Work Avoidance: The Everyday Life of Marcel Duchamp’s Readymades

Knowles Eddy Knowles investigates the rudiments of collaboration with awareness to the dynamic forces of space, context, and the serendipity of chance circumstance and unforeseen contingencies. They make productive what most would deem a digression. Since meeting in Halifax Nova Scotia, all three members have dispersed to different locales (Jon Knowles to Montréal, Canada, Michael Eddy to Beijing, China, Robert Knowles to London, England), working remotely, and also coming together physically to engage in exhibitions, commissions, research projects, residencies and performances for the following venues: TENT (Rotterdam), Portikus (Frankfurt), Apex Art (New York City), Presentation House Gallery (Vancouver), Form/Content (London, UK), Fabbrica del Vapore (Milano), Centre de Recherche Urbaine Montréal (MTL), Museo Studio del Tessuto (Como), Vitamin Creative Space (Beijing). Knowles Eddy Knowles took part in the infamous Informal Architectures project organized by Anthony Kiendl. They will be included in the upcoming exhibition Making It Work curated by Susannah Wesley at the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, May 2009.

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