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Perruque 7: Hair Beautiful

(Added 11 April 2009)

A recent addtion to the Leisure collection is a copy of Hair Beautiful magazine, published in the 1960’s by the Poly Divison of the Lambert Chemical Company, London. Rich in tips and how-to imagery, this publication also serves up inspiring descriptions of high-piled hairdos. Some haiku-esque, card-sharp favourites are transcribed here:

Call topknots for trumps
and note the long loop-around
party bow

A triple run
of deep curvey bangs form
a high crown

Short cap style
is crowned with a grand slam
of bouncy curls

Short fronded style
with deep fringe topped
by a King-size bow

New wave of the Thirties
with low cheek curl caught
by jewelled pin

Bid blonde
and play feminine for this
pretty petal hairstyle

Feathery layer
cut high and bouncy
make diamonds trumps

Spade work lies
in clever curling crown
is played high

Fair deal
for waves in the new
sleeker mood

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