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Restless Reader: A little while ago, when I picked them, they were living flowers.

(Added 29 January 2011)

Image: Simone Beauvoir, Les Belles Images, Fontana Modern Novels, 1979.

“Laurence thought of that king who turned everything he touched into gold and whose little daughter became a splendid metal doll. Everything she touched became a picture. With wooden paneling you combine the elegance of town with all the poetry of the forest. Through the leaves her eye caught the black run of the river: a ship went by, searching the banks with its white glare. The light splashed against the windows and suddenly it lit up a pair of entwined lovers: a picture of the past for me, who am the picture of their loving future, with the children whose existence they guess asleep in the bedrooms at the back. The children made their way into a hollow tree and there they found themselves in an enchanting room all paneled in natural wood. Follow up on this idea.
She had always been a picture. Dominique had seen to that, Dominique whose childhood had been fascinated by pictures that were so different from her own life — a life that had been obstinately directed, with the whole of her intelligence and her immense energy, at filling the gap between the two….” p.18-19

This is post five of the “Restless Reader” a Leisure bibliography of restlessness in literature.

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