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The Art of Season’s Greetings 5: Artists and the Landscape I

(Added 11 December 2008)

“In recent years the tendency of our artists has been to interpret the varied life in Canada, the clarity of its atmosphere, the rugged massiveness of its mountains, the solemn majesty of its forests, the sweet tranquility of its wooded ravines, the golden richness of its fertile prairies, the soft cleanness of its snow-laden landscapes, the zest of its biting storms, the quaint simplicity of its habitant villages, the many aspects of life on its lakes, rivers and seas. And here on the small surfaces of these cards you have a vivid reflection of this trend in Canadian art.”

M. Lovell, “The Story of the Christmas Card and its Distinctive Development by Canadian Artists,” The Chatelaine 2 (Dec. 1929): 17.

Image: Mabel Lockerby, Canadian Artists Series, Rous and Mann, Ltd., n.d., Mabel Lockerby Fonds, Library and Archives Canada.

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