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Montreal parties: Bed-In

(Added 11 May 2006)

Photo: Anne Yorke, 1969

The Montreal Bed-In
Queen Elizabeth Hotel, 1969
900 Rene Levesque Blvd. West
Corner suite rooms 1738-1740-1742

“They fought their way in, and their faces dropped, there we were like two angels in bed, with flowers all around us, and peace and love on our heads. We were fully clothed; the bed was just an accessory.” – John Lennon, Chronicle Books, 2000

“This ‘hot spot’ is 18 floors directly above Central Station in downtown Montreal. It’s room 1742 of the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel, a 45-year-old landmark affectionately known as the “Queen E”. This is where John Lennon and Yoko Ono caused a media frenzy in 1969 by putting on their jammies and inviting the world press for their 10-day ‘bed-in’. They recorded the song Give Peace a Chance in their suite’s living room. Friends who dropped in and joined in on the recording include: Tommy Smothers, Petula Clark, Dr. Timothy Leary and members of the Canadian Radha Krishna Temple.”- http://www.canadacool.com/COOLFACTS/QUEBEC/MltJohnLennon.html

Every year on December 8, the day John Lennon was murdered, two dozen roses, half red and half white, are left anonymously by the door of the suite. – http://www.fairmont.com/queenelizabeth

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