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A Banff residency for Leisure

(Written 19 November 2006)

Canadian Pacific Postcard, date and artist unknown

Leisure Projects is pleased to have been selected for the Imaginary Places residency at the Banff Centre in spring 2007. We will be packing our cases and heading for the hills hoping to be inspired by fresh air and the glamorous resort culture of a bygone era.

Leisure will continue our exploration into fantasies of the past and the pastoral, by researching the social history, glamour and fantasy of the Banff National Park and Resorts. The project glacier house / fire house will explore the appeal and allure that Banff National Park and Resort held in the 19th and early 20th century popular imagination. Based on research into Banff’s social history and visual marketing, Leisure Projects will build an environment providing an atmosphere of glamour, fantasy, nostalgia and enchantment, which will encapsulate the image Banff held in the minds of the masses, as a majestic place of escape and indulgence, to be dreamed of but not necessarily ever achieved.

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