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Alphabet City & the Drake

(Written 23 May 2007)

Leisure has been chatting with Alphabet City and The Drake Hotel in Toronto about an upcoming collaboration between Leisure Projects and the Drake’s executive chef Anthony Rose as part of Alphabet City’s upcoming publication and festival theme ‘Food’. More details to come!

Alphabet City: Food As the slow food movement meets fast food nation and eating locally collides with on-demand arugula, our food habits are shifting: writers and artists examine and imagine these changes, from the idea of a farm in a skyscraper to a map of fruit that falls on public property, from the genealogy of an organic bento box to a tale of chop suey and egg rolls.
Alphabet City Festival 2007: FOOD will be held in Toronto, October 6 to October 16, 2007.

The Drake Hotel is more than a place to eat and sleep: it is a cultural experience and artist inspired destination. Locals and non-locals regard The Drake as a third place, a community cultural centre to hang out + get inspired. Housing beautiful contradictions, where highs meet lows and the healthful coexist with the decadent, the Drake embodies urban wildness.

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