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Art Tells Gorgeous Lies That Come True

(Written 4 September 2006)

Image: David Armstrong-Six

In support of new storefront art spaces, “black flags” and “black confetti” Leisure is looking forward to the Pavillion Projects The Enterprise opening this Friday at galerie articule.

Pavilion Projects (Montréal)
Exhibition from September 8 – October 8, 2006
Opening: Friday, September 8 at 7pm

The Enterprise is an exploded artist run project. We fly black flags and throw black confetti. We are here to remind you – Art Tells Gorgeous Lies That Come True.

articule’s new storefront space opens with The Enterprise, a new cultural entity formed by the artist’s collective Pavilion. Under the guise of a marketing firm and through a variety of advertising vehicles, The Enterprise will work towards materializing and conceptualizing the currents and sentiments that run through Montreal’s artistic communities. To be launched in September 2006, and continuing on as part of VIVA! Art Action Montréal, The Enterprise is an ‘open-source’ project that explores new territories in the imaginations of a city and in the context of Montreal’s current cultural politics.

The Enterprise will convert articule’s space into a full production house that will host open workshops and meetings, thus acting as a site of composition and dispatch for the company’s advertisements and communiqués. In close collaboration with PopMontreal, a survey will be produced and promoted in mass media in order to investigate the sentiment of the general public towards the arts in Quebec. In an attempt to revive the importance of art and artists in Quebec, this marketing research campaign is the first step towards a greater project with the ultimate goal of constructing a medium size Contemporary art center in Montreal. This project will help formulate an organizational structure by which the artistic community of Montreal may be promoted and projected into the larger realm of global cultural production.


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