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Artist vs. Curator

(Written 21 July 2008)

Leisure Projects was delighted to contribute to Miriam Kathrein’s project Artist vs curator/Curator vs artist earlier this Spring at das weisse haus in Vienna. We were also pleased that Kathrein was able to visit us in Montreal and share her project further by participating in the discussion panel for the exhibition Black Market: Type + Print Shop , curated by Joseph Del Pesco at Articule Artist Run Centre.

For further information on the Artist vs. Curator project, please see below or visit the project’s website www.curartist.com.

The line between the curator and the artist is becoming blurred as both increasingly participate and collaborate in production, concept, assembly and narration . This situation often generates a certain power conflict of both positions, which is visualised and illustrated in this debate-exhibition-project

The project identifies existing environments and through re-contextualising the content, creates a new narrative environment and fosters new approaches in artistic,curatorial and collaborative strategies. The project focuses on the relationship between artists and curators in the contemporary arts production, the roles and definition of both and looks into new artistic/curatorial practice through a collaborative approach. The aim is not to provide a single answer but through debate and thus counter positioning definitions develop a set of questions to generate an ongoing discussion. This should contribute to identify existing and new artistic-curatorial models in the production of art and exhibition making, institutional and non-institutional.

ARTIST VS CURATOR/CURATOR VS ARTIST can take place in any provided contemporary arts and discourse space/environment.

Miriam Kathrein studied graphic design and advertising at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. During her academic study she participated in an exchange program with ELISAVA – Escola Superior de Disseny in Barcelona. Miriam recently graduated with a MA in Creative Practice for Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins College in London, in June 2007. While writing her Thesis, she became more and more interested in the changing forms of curating contemporary art and collaborative strategies. She now freelances at the intersection of graphic design, artistic and curatorial practice in the field of contemporary art – exploring artistic/architectural practice in the urban environment and new tendencies in contemporary art production. Miriam lives and works in Vienna.

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