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Cutting Slack

(Written 4 January 2009)

Leisure Projects is pleased to participate as a guest of Randall Szott in the on-line forum Cutting Slack (northeastwestsouth.net) with a contribution entitled “Aftermath: Dali in Hollywood (1941).” Szott is the initiator of Leisurearts (leisurearts.blogspot.com), and a kindred spirit of our own investigative project.

Cutting Slack
By both slacking off from the imperative to work and, symmetrically, deliberately abstaining from leisure, slackers embody a fascinating – and for the productivist majority, infuriating – performative paradox. Slackers don’t “just” slack off; they go at it full-tilt. Performing laziness – that is, the studied and ostentatious practice of doing not much – is all-consuming. But is it subversive? Does it have seditious potential within a regime of productivism? Can it be decreative, obstructing the reifying thrust of the “creative” industry and class with their “artistic research projects”? – taken from northeastwestsouth.net

Image: Surrealist Forest, 1941 (Corbis/Bettman-UPI)

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