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Go Hunting

(Written 6 June 2006)

Reading Montreal, Online Journal, June 6, 2006 – Rebecca Duclos

As the fine weather pervades the senses, the shackles of work seem to loosen somewhat, and the urge to pursue adventure only increases in strength – think of the thrill of the Hunt. Only, in this city, you won’t do damage to a fox or a hound or a horse or your fashion reputation. No need for tight breeches or black leather boots (unless, of course, you have some handy next to your crop hidden in the closet) because at Galerie Yergeau, tucked away at number 2060 rue Joly, you can see another fabulous urban-referenced creation by Leisure Projects – the curatorial team of Meredith Carruthers and Susannah Wesley. The Hunt Ball features work by Erica Eyres, The Discriminating Gentlemen’s Club, and jake moore. The show is up until September 2 so put it somewhere in your social calendar to attend.

The Hunt Ball exhibition captures the complex and lavish celebration of beauty and violence played out in the annual Montreal Hunt Ball held at the Ritz Carleton throughout the 1950s. This combination of elaborate festive décor (which included papier-maché polka-dotted horses, flowered garlands, flags and animal ice sculptures) together with the macabre and slightly dusty aspects of hunt display (including hunt paintings, gun collections and taxidermy animal trophies) provides a rich site for ruminations on the aesthetics and objectification of both violence and pleasure through leisure activity and sport. The Hunt Ball is part of Leisure Projects ongoing exploration and fascination with the social history and glamour of the city of Montreal.

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