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Leisure and Tarpaulin

(Written 27 November 2006)

Theatre Loie Fuller, Henri Sauvage (1900), Paris



V4n2, Fall/Winter 2006
Selah Saterstrom, Guest Editor

Matthea Harvey
Bin Ramke
Eleni Sikelianos
Bushwick Farms presents: The Traveling Variety Show
Jindrich Štyrský
Clear Cut Press: Robert Glück, Danielle Dutton, Lisa Robertson
Laird Hunt
Elizabeth Rollins
Joan Fiset
Tama Baldwin& Noah Saterstrom
Rebecca Brown
Interview w/ Chris Kraus
Brian Kiteley
Peter Markus
Leisure Projects presents: The Hotel de la Montagne

This issue of Tarpaulin Sky presents Leisure Projects’ investigation of the social history of the Hotel de la Montagne lobby and nightclub. In a self-guided tour [including ivory-tusked elephants, golden crocodiles and Grecian portraits] Leisure Projects investigates the constructed atmosphere of Hotel de la Montagne, re-appropriating its contents as an exhibition of hotel décor.

Founded in 2002, Tarpaulin Sky Online Literary Journal publishes poetry, prose, and cross-genre / trans-genre texts from a wide variety of writers, with an emphasis on experiments with language and form, but without allegiance to any one style or school or network of writers.

SELAH SATERSROM’S work has recently appeared in Harness, 3rd Bed, and in the Seattle Research Institute’s Experimental Theology. Her novel, The Pink Institution (Coffee House Press 2004), was included in the top ten books of 2004 by The New Orleans Gambit, Venus Magazine, and has been nominated for The Believer Book Award. She has received a MacDowell Colony Fellowship and holds an M.A. in Literature and Theology from The University of Glasgow and an M.F.A. from Goddard College.

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