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Leisure guest curates Trickhouse

(Written 13 May 2008)

Leisure Projects is pleased to be invited as guest curators within the inaugural issue of the newly launched on-line project Trickhouse (www.trickhouse.org), founded and curated by Noah Saterstrom and edited by Selah Saterstrom.

For this issue Leisure Projects organised an on-line exhibition entitled Ways to Melt Snow That You Never Thought of Trying, which brings together archival imagery, text, and the work of Diane Borsato, Zoe Stonyk, Neath from Walking Turcot Yards, and Leisure Projects.

Also of interest on the Trickhouse website is the work of guest artist Lara Rivera, a long-time friend to Leisure Projects.

We invite you to take the initiative and explore the website www.trickhouse.org.

Image: Zoe Stonyk, from the series Les flaneurs de neige, 2008.

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