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Leisure seeks: shoe sponsor

(Written 8 July 2006)

The story begins in the early 1900’s in London when a vacationer named Vin Draddy happened upon an elegant tailor shop called “Jack IZOD’s”. Vin was the president of the David Crystal Co., makers of fine women’s dresses in New York. Jack was a well respected tailor who made custom shirts for King George VI of England and other royalty. Jack IZOD’s tailor shop was quite exclusive and Vin Draddy was both impressed an enchanted with Jack’s unique surname and meritorious positioning. Every shirt Jack made had his name and the phrase “By appointment. Shirtmaker to the King.” on the label. -courtesy IZOD web history

From the leisure sponsorship letter:
As part of our 2006/ 2007 program we are particularly interested in the relationship between landscape & leisure.

In preparation for a series of exhibitions that explore leisure sport, we will be developing a summer uniform for our curatorial team. Because of the IZOD brands elegant tailoring history and association to leisure sporting acitivity, we feel that the “Heritage Goods, classic IZOD iconic, Art. PJD3-15-40 Authentic American Orginal” shoe would make an excellent addition to our uniform in relation to art and curatorial projects.

In order to keep us in shining white shoes, and to be the first known Canadian curatorial team with a shoe sponsorship, we request ten pairs, ladies size 8 of “Heritage Goods, classic IZOD iconic, Art. PJD3-15-40 Authentic American Orginal” shoes.

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