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Panel Discussion: Break In/Break Out/Break Up

(Written 2 March 2007)

Illustration: Meagan Durlak

Leisure is pleased to participate in:

BREAK IN/BREAK OUT/BREAK UP: Testing the limits and taking a stand in contemporary cultural practice

March 9th, EV 1.605 (1515 St Catherine West) 3pm to 6pm. FREE

In our creative endeavors we are faced with three primary options: either work within the system we are presented with, subvert it, or switch to another discipline to get what we need and enact the intellectual stance we choose. This can involve tooling a space within a community that one may largely disagree with, making radical public gestures to take down the larger formation, or developing revolutionary private acts.

Moderator: Mark Clintberg

Panelists: Cynthia Hammond, Raymonde April, Susannah Wesley & Meredith Carruthers of Leisure Projects, and Hannah Jickling.


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