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Piracy is capitalism's nostalgic dream.

(Written 13 June 2007)

Captain Nemo observing a giant octopus from the viewing port of the submarine Nautilus, in Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. (Courtesy of NOAA Photo Library.)

Charles Stankievech announces the release of the independent mini-film, Pirates In The Clouds.

Piracy is capitalism’s nostalgic dream. ~Dan Graham “The Artist as Producer”

Subverting the LUX theatre of Metropolis Banff, a never before seen, new cutting-edge, ahead-of-its-time, avant-garde spectacle for the masses is ready for wide commercial release. If rock stars are the new pirates, then artists are the new producers, and spectators are the new critics, and museums are the new davie jones’ locker and the new is the new new and Straight for the multimedia extranganza of the Banff Centre for the Arts in conjunction with the Banff New Media Institute and with no help whatsoever from the Canada Council for the Arts, WE give to you an Imaginary Places Production: PIRATES IN THE CLOUDS. Often described as a sequel to The Banff School’s 1960’s propagandistic 16mm film Campus in the Clouds, do not be fooled these critics know NOTHING as do the actors participating in this fiendish enterprise—NO!—PIRATES IN THE CLOUDS is the PREQUEL with cynical undertones that mock the institutional structure…this is pure art house cinema that is palatable to the masses, because Hollywood is the pinnacle of 20th Century ART.

Simon Clark, Meredith Carruthers, Shaunna Dunn, Charles Stankievech, Susannah Wesley

View film:


Any coincidence with real or living people is purely coincidence and has nothing to do with the above mentioned pirates who can be found on FACEBOOK.

All associations to the Leisure Projects is purely coincidental as well and is actually in COMPETITION with the Leisure Projects so please do not visit their website or pay any attention to the Leisure Projects... the PIRATES have hijacked the Leisure Cruise Ship and are going for GOLD.

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