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Se mettre en jeu: Meredith Carruthers

(Written 14 May 2006)

As part of the exhibition series Se mettre en jeu, curated by Mike Patten, Leisure’s own Meredith Carruthers’ has created an impressive assemblage of interventions at Galerie d’art du Centre Leonardo da Vinci (May 12 -17).

The intervention features a community of small black velvet mountains dotted and outlined with a constellation of pearls. Above this celestial landscape is a projected circular video of animated paper trees rushing by as if viewed from a moving car or train. On the opposing wall, artificial white flowers cling to red curtains as a field of stars.

Travelling between her place of residence and her place of work, Meredith Carruthers captured and re-imagined her surroundings. Her playful sculptural and video installation of constructed artificial landscapes explores the boundaries between the natural world and artifice using various craft materials.

Join us at the closing vernissage Saturday May 17, 5pm-7pm.
Centre Leonardo da Vinci, 8350-8370 Boul. Lacordaire St. Leonard, Que. H1R 2Y6

Métro: Cadillac, bus 32 North
Tel. (514) 955-8370 or information@centreleonardodavinci.com
The Leonardo da Vinci Centre is situated o­n Lacordaire Blvd, between Robert and Des Gallets
(2 streets north of the Metropolitain Hwy 40)

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