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Sound the bugles

(Written 25 May 2006)

jake moore
plasterRuth: 2005
sound spatialization, mason jars, 4 ohm speakers, cable, branches, mule deer taxidermy form, plaster, bacon fat and wood ash

Montreal Mirror
May 25-31.2006
Vol. 21 No. 48

In this day and age, we hunt for bargains, for love, for a missing sock, but rarely for a beast. So it is hard to conceive of a time when our concrete playground was someone else’s hunting grounds.
Recently, local curatorial duo Meredith Carruthers and Susannah Wesley (aka Leisure Projects), discovered old images in the McCord Museum archives of the Hunt Balls, which were held at the Ritz-Carlton during the 1950s. This annual theme party was a last vestige of the original island hunts. The curators felt they had come across “a rich site for ruminations on the aesthetics and objectification of both violence and pleasure through leisure activity and sport.” The outcome is The Montreal Hunt Ball exhibition, a coming together of archival material and contemporary artworks by jake moore, Erica Eyres and the Discriminating Gentlemen’s Club. It’s at Galerie Yergeau (2060 Joly) until Sept. 2, info: 843-0955. —Christine Redfern

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