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Vernissage: Guido Molinari Foundation

(Written 23 November 2011)


The Guido Molinari Foundation announces the exhibition mSm by Italian artist Andrea Sala, from November 27 to December 11, 2011, following the artist residency at the foundation.

Curated by Meredith Carruthers (Leisure Projects), the exhibition presents four new sculptures by Sala, which makes new links between the work of Guido Molinari (1933-2004) and that of multidisciplinary artist Bruno Munari (1907-1998).

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Saturday, November 26, 2011 at 4 p.m.

Guido Molinari Foundation
3290, rue Sainte-Catherine Est
Montréal, QC, Canada, H1W 2C6
514 524 2870

Opening Hours: Wednesday at Sunday, from noon to 6 p.m.



The mSm exhibition brings together three artists that in different times and contexts each played with the potential of geometry to elude the constraints of modernism, leaping outside the flat plane to surprise and engage the viewer.

The project positions contemporary artist Andrea Sala between the work of Montreal artist Guido Molinari and Milanese artist Bruno Munari. Wearing the mask of one artist to engage with the work of the other, Sala investigates the shift between 2 and 3 dimensions these artists made in their own work.

mSm is the result of a one-month residency by Andrea Sala at the Guido Molinari Foundation. Created in the studio space of Molinari, but informed by Sala’s continued engagement with the work of Munari, Sala’s new work performs the act of a double mirror, reflecting affinities between the work of Molinari and Munari in a newly constructed three-dimensional display space.

In the exhibition, original works by Molinari and Munari are animated by Sala’s sculptural interventions, becoming characters in an unfolding object narrative. A group of paintings by Guido Molinari (untitled, 1970-72), where triangles of flamingo pinks, sea foam greens and pineapple golds vibrate against diagonal stripes, are viewed through Sala’s upright plexi discs, slumping paper forms and ambiguous umbrella-like trees.

In dialogue with the Molinari paintings are selected experimental projects by Bruno Munari which also explore the kinetic potential of flat planes of colour when expectations of background and foreground collapse, in particular Munari’s “illegible books” (1949 – ) and a screen print from the series “negativi positivi” (1950 – ).

Sala extends this conversation into three dimensional space, populating his sculptural floor works with the motion and coloured light found in Munari’s short films, (made in collaboration with Marcello Piccardo), I colori della luce (1963) and tempo nel tempo (1964).

The display in the gallery, elegantly playful, colourful and strange, creates an atmosphere that invites us to bridge time and context — to see with someone else’s eyes so that we can understand things differently. – Meredith Carruthers, Curator

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