Paris of the North

Image: Nebula, Yukon, Canada, Charles Stankievech with Sophie Springer. Penetrating further into the realms of the winter king, we inspect his fortress, reads the description on the back of a 1898 stereograph photo of the Klondike Gold Rush. This image is part of a collection of images and ideas representing fantasies and fabrications related to the outpost of our imagination in the Canadian Arctic.

Leisure Projects departs this Wednesday for an adventure in the Great White North at the Klondike Institute of Fine Arts.

During the residency at KIAC, Leisure Projects will focus on the intersection between social culture and landscape in the history of leisure pursuits, celebrations and social events in the early years of Dawson City. Through research in the Dawson City Museum’s photographic archives, Leisure Projects will explore the impact of outdoor spectacles on the flourishing cultural imagination of the 1900s “Paris of the North”.