A line / Aligner

A Line is a vitrine installation by Leisure (Meredith Carruthers & Susannah Wesley). The short video and take-away poster is inspired by Brazilian artist Lygia Clark’s propositional action, Caminhando (Walking), 1963.

 A Line is part of Carruthers’ and Wesley’s ongoing investigation of collaborative process. Other works in this series include Folie à deux, 2009, on the evolution of a shared image library, and A shared puff, 2012, on the ephemeral nature of shared ideas.

A Line, at once an art and curatorial project, was commissioned for Out of Line, a multi-venue series of curated presentations focused on experimental drawing practices. Other projects being presented in early winter 2013 include Oil Stains (Dave Eppley) at galerie Oboro (curator Rachel Lafo) and Two Corners (Monika Gryzmala) at Arsenal (curator Renee Baert). Forthcoming projects include Two Vitrines by artist-curator Micah Lexier at the Belgo Building and a drawing installation-performance by Mumbai artist Nikhil Chopra.

Out of Line is produced by CARGO: Curatorial Group and developed by curator Renee Baert in collaboration with invited curators and participating venues.